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There are three opportunities for you to join in on Penticton Pickleball Club (PPC) activities:

  1. All visitors are welcome to play during scheduled drop-in times (see Drop-In Schedule under the "Sched and Sign-Up" tab for days and times). Simply go to the courts (see location at bottom of this page) and find the court host. The court host will give you a waiver to sign and will collect your drop-in fee of $5. Subsequent visits require a payment of $5 each time you attend. Please check in with the court host prior to playing.
  2. If you are rated at as 3.0 or higher and wish to play in one of the competitive programs (see Program Schedule under the "Sched and Sign-Up" tab), please use the "Contact" tab to send a note to PPC. Your request will be forwarded to the program captain and if there is an open space, an e-mail will be forwarded to you inviting you to join that program for the day. You will be asked by the program captain to sign a waiver and pay a $5 fee unless you have already done so for drop-in time the same day.  
  3. If you have been invited by a member to play during Reserve-A-Court time, you will need to sign a waiver (unless you have a waiver on file from a previous visit) and pay the $5 fee. Your court host will collect the waiver and fee on behalf of PPC.

Everyone is welcome to play on the courts during "public" time (see Public Play Schedule under the "Sched and Sign-Up" tab for days and times). Check on the sign at the courts for more information on this.

Court location information is located at the bottom of this page.

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