Administrative Update


Hi Members,

Now that the pickleball season is well underway, here are a few items to bring to everyone’s attention:

1) Lost and Found – There are a number of lost/forgotten items that have been accumulating in the metal storage cabinet at the courts. See the photos attached to the email. You may see something you forgot you owned! If you do, please speak to the attending Captain the next time you are at the courts to reclaim your item(s). Any items remaining after two weeks will be donated to charity. The Executive plans to relocate future lost and found items to a dedicated box which will be placed inside the viewing area of the new courts.

2) Partner Search – During the recent ‘PPC Programming Survey‘ some members indicated they could not participate in activities that required a partner as they did not know other members or members who may also be interested. As a result, the Executive decided to set up an informal list of members who would be interested in pairing up with another member for ‘team’ events, such as King’s Court and Mixed Social Doubles.

If you are interested, please reply to this email with your: (1) name, (2) the event(s) you are interested in participating, (3) your playing level and (4) contact information. As enquiries are received, a compiled list will be provided so members can contact potential partners and make their own arrangements.

3) Parking – Everyone is asked to make a point of remembering to park in the overflow (grass) area at the courts.

4) PPC Website – A new firewall has been installed on our website. While it is doing a great job of keeping out bad actors, it is less forgiving for members who enter an incorrect user name or password. If you see such a message, first check your user name closely. Common errors include spaces where there should be none, commas instead of periods, and simple typos. If you are blocked from the site, send an email to our website administrator, Dianne Hill at

The Executive hopes all members are having a great start to the season!

The schedule will be monitored over the next while and adjustments will be made as membership numbers, attendance levels and other circumstances warrant.

Looking forward to seeing you at the courts!

The PPC Executive

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