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Hi PPC Members,

Normally at this time of the year the PPC Executive would be planning our AGM in October. As all of us know, this year is different.

The Executive has discussed plans for the AGM and due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on group sizes would prefer to postpone it to the spring. Hopefully by that time some of the restrictions will be relaxed.

As you may recall, the AGM is when the Executive is confirmed for the following season, membership fees are set, the completed season’s financial statements and the budget for the upcoming season are presented. It is also the time of the year when any major club business is discussed with all available members present. Because of our present circumstances, the Executive would appreciate your thoughts on the timing of the AGM.

Would you prefer to have the AGM postponed to the spring or would you prefer we proceed with plans for it to be held sometime in late October or later into the fall?

Please keep in mind, in accordance with the Provincial Health Order of August 7, 2020, we are limited to groups of 50 or less while maintaining a two-meter distance. Our current membership is at 197 so, unfortunately, not everyone could be accommodated.

Your response to the above question would be appreciated by September 1, 2020. Please use ‘Reply’ to the email you received from the PPC Secretary.

As soon as possible after that date the Executive will consider your collective responses and let you know how we plan to proceed.

Graham Perrie

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