Executive Meeting Highlights – March 27, 2020

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On March 27 the executive held a “virtual” meeting to discuss the 2020 season and related issues. The following two motions were passed:

    1. In response to the current COVID-19 crisis the PPC suspends until further notice all Club play/programs for the 2020 season.
    2. Should the start of the 2020 PPC season be postponed past May 31, 2020 the executive will review membership dues already paid for the 2020 year and consider options, including but not limited to:
      1. Pro-rating of dues for the remainder of the year, should programs take place this year.
      2. Members having the option of applying 2020 dues (or portion of) to the “new court fund” and receive a tax receipt.
      3. Members having the option of applying 2020 dues (or portion of) to 2021 dues.
      4. Refunds for those that who already paid and request a refund, less 2020 administrative fees.

Note that there may be minimal administrative fees the club incurs even if there are no programs this year – PayPal, insurance, etc.

The General Meeting that had been scheduled for April 21 will not take place due to the current COVID-19 environment. The executive has scheduled another virtual executive meeting for April 27 and will provide a further update at that time.

Your executive encourages everyone to do their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, follow all the directions of our province and local authorities, avoiding any social gatherings, and if possible, stay home and away from other persons. It is only by following the guidelines and requirements will we shorten the amount of time before we are able to pick up our paddles and play the game that we so love.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

On behalf of the PPC executive,

Graham Perrie



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