Eye Protection Recommended!

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A reminder from Walter Knecht of Pickleball BC  that wearing eye protection when playing pickleball is highly recommended.

Yesterday I was informed of quite a serious pickleball accident here in BC!

The player, now patient, suffered what appears to be a direct hit – ball to one eye. Even with corrective emergency surgery the player may not ever have vision in that eye again.

This is the worst injury I am aware of but not the only eye injury this year.

In 2019 we had a round of discussions, some investigations into protective eyewear, and some let’s say ‘warnings’ to get or be protected when playing. I was made aware of a company selling pretty decent eye protective wear. A couple BC players had their product and were real happy with the glasses provided. Those glasses were not rated for pickleball so probably many of our inquires did not result in an uptake. I have sent a reopening email to that company minutes ago – let us try round 2.

If anyone has sourced good protective eyewear – please let me know so I can spread the word!

We need to be proactive!

When I get more information on equipment available – I will send another email blast.



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