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PPC Members

Due to record number of registrations this year, your executive has made the difficult decision to CAP our membership as of Monday, April 24. We have 369 members currently registered – a 20% increase from last year. Registration is now closed. This decision was made as a result of the feedback received at the October 2022 AGM.

In hopes of giving all members the opportunity to play a couple of times per week during Club time, the following changes will be made:

  1. “Event” limits will be increased to 6 per court. For example if an “event” is scheduled on 6 courts the maximum number will be increased from 29 to 35 (one spot is held for the Court Host.)
  2. Members will be restricted to signing up for a maximum of 3 “events” per week. “Events” are all those sessions during Club time with the exception of “Drop-in” and “Reserved Courts.”
  3. The executive will monitor the number of “guests” playing during Club time and will consider restricting guests should that be necessary in the future.

A separate email will be sent in the next few days reviewing all booking rules.

On behalf of your executive,

Dave Burgoyne

President, PPC

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