Pickleball BC COVID Conditions Update – April 2, 2021

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As the daily new case numbers are up significantly, heavy with variants, and the vaccine rollout stutter steps ahead – it is important that the pickleball community continues to maintain a steady course.

The latest changes per Dr. Henry affect pickleball play in only a minor way. Yes we can have a few more people socially distanced gathering – up to 10. But the actual game play opportunities have NOT changed:
· Indoors – singles only – zero doubles play
· Outdoors – singles only unless your playing partner lives in the same house/condo/apartment/suite as you.

Wearing masks while playing, having already received your first or even 2nd vaccine shot, nor any historical account of how safe you are – none of these permit or enable a change to the Public Health Office (PHO) orders nor the viaSport directives. Trust us – we have asked.

From the feedback we receive it is evident that many pickleball players are NOT complying – doubles is being played in many locations and not just with live-in people as partners. To the ‘much greater many’ that are playing safe within the rules and guidelines – THANK YOU for supporting the general efforts to control this pandemic.

Remember – Pickleball BC has not made any of the rules nor created any of the guidelines – they are all from our PHO and viaSport. Pickleball BC is tasked with informing and encouraging all pickleball players, not just Pickleball BC members, to join and support the COVID-19 fight.

May we have your continued support as we strive to have all pickleball play continue but in a safe and compliant way.

Karen Watson
Vice President
Pickleball BC

Walter Knecht
Pickleball BC

A Message From Pickleball BC

pickleclub18 Recent News

4 pm December 3, 2020

We are in receipt of the ORDER OF THE PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER titled GATHERINGS AND EVENTS – December 2, 2020.

After clarification from viaSport pickleball doubles play is NOT permitted effective immediately. 

There are two exceptions – youth under the age of 19 and high level athletic individuals.

These restrictions are being placed in response to recent COVID transmission activity surrounding adult sporting activity.

This restriction on doubles pickleball play applies to ALL pickleball play – indoor and outdoor – in the Province of BC – Pickleball BC members AND non members alike. Pickleball singles play is not restricted by the Order.

We ask that all Club Presidents reinforce this message by sending it out via their Club media mechanisms.

Walter Knecht                             Karen Watson
President                                    Vice President
Pickleball BC                            Pickleball BC

Lost and Found

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When emptying the cabinet at the courts a number of ‘lost and found’ items were discovered. Photos of all items are below. Please have a look and let me know if anything belongs to you. All items remaining after November 1 will be delivered to the Lost and Found at the Community Centre.

Thank you.

Terri Draude
PPC Secretary

President’s Message – Oct 18, 2020

pickleclub18 Recent News

Fellow PPC Members,

Wow, who ever thought when we started 2020 that the season would be filled with so many changes, challenges, COVID-19 guidelines and precautions, not to forget the pandemic that threatened the new courts and pickleball play! Well, for the most part, we rose to the challenge and had a great season.

I want to personally say a huge thanks to all the Executive who made this season happen and especially to Dave Burgoyne, who worked in close contact with the City, to let us continue playing with COVID-19 guidelines and keeping our members as safe as possible.

Thanks to our Court Hosts who continued to keep our courts clean and procedures followed during club time. Thanks to the members for understanding the needs and following the guidelines. I hope the season was enjoyable for you all.

The club’s season is now over, but we have asked the City to leave the nets up until the weather makes it impossible to play safe. We ask that you follow the City’s posted rules and play safe as long as the weather allows.

We have removed the supplies from the cabinet at the courts to store safely offsite for the winter and remind you to have basic first aid supplies handy when you play, should the need arise.

The Executive is doing some wrap up work for the season and will share additional info with you before we call it a wrap for the season.

Thanks again to all who helped make the 2 new courts possible and the season as great as possible.

Graham Perrie
PPC President