2021 Year-End Tournament – Results

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Penticton Pickleball Club Year-End Club Tournament Results

October 1, 2, and 3 2021

See below for the photos that we managed to catch!

WD 2.5
1. Diane Monych/Trudie Piper

WD 3.0
1. Irene Henderson/Marianne Lund
2. Sue Irving/Jeannie Lister
3. Bev Boden/Deb O’Mara

WD 3.5
1. Jane Dumontet/Ede Sartori
2. Diane MacLeod/Natalie Loewen
3. Debbie Twining/Mary Gillich

WD 4.0
1. Lori Burgoyne/Karen Heinrichs
2. Sue Hatfield/Denise Milne
3. Gill Hunn/Jan Morris

MD 3.5
1. Dean Gatenby/Mark Hammerquist
2. Bob Beatty/Blaine Lodomez
3. Chris Araki/Dave Twining

MD 4.0
1. Dave Burgoyne/James Beaumont
2. Kham Douangpanya/Steve Hunn
3. Greg Machtaler/Mark Tamblyn

MXD 2.5
1. Roy Thomas/Mary Lynn Ribeiro

MXD 3.0
1. Ronna Pearson/Larry Ewanchuk
2. Lori Wertz/Blaine Lodomez
3. Gord McKay/Maggie Scott

MXD 3.5
1. Chris Araki/Diane MacLeod
2. Natalie Loewen/Dave Brunelle
3. Ernie Treichel/Linda Chadwell

MXD 4.0
1. Dave Burgoyne/Sue Hatfield
2. James Beaumont/Tennille Beaumont
3. Dave Lopushinsky/Karen Heinrichs

Linda Chadwell and Ernie Treichel – bronze, Mixed Doubles 3.5

Ronna Pearson and Larry Ewanchuk – gold, Mixed Doubles 3.0

Lori Wertz and Blaine Lodomez – silver, Mixed Doubles 3.0

Tennille Beaumont and James Beaumont – silver, Mixed Doubles 4.0

Diane Monych and Trudie Piper – gold, Women’s Doubles 2.5

Marianne Lund and Irene Henderson – gold, Women’s Doubles 3.0

Jeannie Lister and Sue Irving – silver, Women’s Doubles 3.0

Bob Beatty and Blaine Lodomez – silver, Men’s Doubles 3.5

Mark Hammerquist and Dean Gatenby – gold, Men’s Doubles 3.5

Sue Hatfield and Dave Burgoyne – gold, Mixed Doubles 4.0

2021 Year-End Tournament – Photos

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Many thanks to Pickleball Depot for the wonderful prize package!

Photo credits to Ede Sartori (beyondsnapshot.com) and Jim Watson

Our President, Graham Perrie, shows how it’s done!


Some of our hard-working referees prepare for the long day ahead.

Our Tournament Desk ran smoothly thanks to Terri Draude and Dave Burgoyne.


Don Jeffery returns a ball off his shoelaces while Jerry Draude backs him up. Waiting on the other side of the net are Graham Perrie and Doug Hill.


Doug Paddock reaches for a high ball while Vic Ring watches. Bob Beatty and Blaine Lodomez prepare for the return.



Referee Clinic – Friday, Aug 20 noon-2pm

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Ever wanted to learn how to referee a pickleball match?

Planning on entering a tournament and want to know what it’s like to have your match officiated?

Here’s your chance! Sign up via the Program Schedule page for the Referee Clinic (Friday, August 20 from noon to 2pm). Read the 2021 Rulebook prior to attending.

Those interested in attaining a Trained Referee Level 1 rating can request an assessment.

Princeton Tournament – Sept 10-12, 2021

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Princeton Pickleball Tournament Invitation

PPA – Waiver 2021

PPA – Registration-Form

Princeton Pickleball Association would like to invite you and your members to our first annual Princeton Paddle Battle Pickleball Tournament.

Dates: September 10 to 12, 2021 – Registration Deadline: August 20, 2021
Location: Riverside Community Centre & Memorial Park, Princeton BC
Contact: Russ Pederson (250) 295-5379 or Terri Ortwein (250) 295-3341
E-mail: princetonpickleballassoc@gmail.com

Payment: via e-transfer to: princetonpickleballassoc@gmail.com

Register Here

If you would like to register via printed form, please fill out the attached forms and send back to princetonpickleballassoc@gmail.com.

Please feel free to forward this email to members of your association/club.

Princeton Pickleball Association