AGM 2019 Minutes

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Minutes AGM-2019

Held Tuesday, October 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
South Main Seniors Drop In Centre, 2965 S.Main Street, Penticton

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Quorum confirmed with 85 members in attendance.

A MOTION was put forward by Angela Sielmann, seconded by Debbie Wagar to accept the AGM Minutes from October 10, 2018 as written – all in favour – CARRIED

3. President’s Annual Report – Mark Tamblyn, Chair

– Overall Mark T. has enjoyed the past 4 years but confirmed the Club is challenged for space since growing from 110 members to 214 members with only 4 courts. Mark Tamblyn and Don Jeffery met with city officials to further discuss the construction of 4 additional courts in 2020. The city budget will be passed in January and a request for $150,000 to build new courts will be on the budget. The PPC financial commitment toward new court construction ($37,000) is viewed as a positive gesture and will likely move our request to a higher level of priority.

– Website update and improvements (Paypal)
The intent of creating a PPC website was to produce a less labour intensive, maintenance free website. Additional costs have been incurred over the last year for enhancements that provide appropriate tools to make it maintenance free. To that end additional expense for creating a “waitlist” and “7 day sign up” is necessary. This enhancement would be a huge benefit for members and the Executive. The Board is proposing to add an extra $25.00 to the 2020 membership fee as a means to cover the additional cost.

– Update on status new courts and introduce approved site plans
Mark T. provided photos of courts in Vernon showing a seating area between the courts. The new seating area will be located between in the middle of the two courts. The 5 horseshoe pit nearest the present courts will be moved to the back area, near the school.

-Ratings for players in leveled-rated programs
Janice Manders addressed the issue of a mandatory rating system for the club to be introduced for the 2020 season. The hope is to reduce skill level inconsistency in many competitive programs. The intent is to provide a certified rater (Brooke Siver) early in the season to work with club members to come up with their PPC club rating. Members will not be able to sign up for competitive programs without a club rating. A Rating Committee will be formed to assist in the process. Recommendation for this initiative will be given to the new Board for review and acceptance.
Concerns were raised from the floor regarding cost, labour and logistics. A consensus among those present showed over 50 members (majority) were in favour of this new initiative and 22 against.

– AED Instruction – The Chair thanked Tim Mills for giving instruction to several members on the use of the AED machine recently purchased by the Club. An additional 20 members showed interest in learning how to use the AED machine.

4. Treasurer’s Report
The 2019 Financial Statements are attached to these Minutes.

A MOTION was put forward by Don Jeffrey, seconded by Janice Manders to accept the 2019 Financial Statements as written – all in favour – CARRIED.

The 2020 PPC Budget is attached to these Minutes.

A MOTION was put forward by Don Jeffrey, seconded by Ernie Treichel to approve and accept the 2020 PPC Budget as written – all in favour – CARRIED.

5. Special Resolution
A MOTION was put forward by Mark Tamblyn, seconded by Gord MacKay that the PPC membership fee be raised to $100 per member for the 2020 season. Rationale: the $25 increase is allocated to improving the website – CARRIED – (opposition 5)

6. Program Committee
Pat Meyer (Chair, Program Committee) presented the proposed 2020 Program Schedule (attached to these Minutes). The 2020 schedule is based on the use of 4 courts but the schedule will change once the additional courts are built. It was noted that the recommended changes will affect recreational play (drop in). John and Wendy Wurflinger (Court Host Coordinators) representing the “drop in” contingent presented statistical data on the popularity of the early morning drop in program showing an average of 27 (sometimes as high as 35) players per session. They raised concern that the new “drop in” time changes on the proposed schedule may cause some recreational players to go elsewhere.

A MOTION was put forward by John Wurflinger, seconded by Dave Gillis that the 2019 playing program will be used to start the 2020 playing season and run until May 31, 2020. The Executive will review the membership numbers and ratings to determine if any changes to the 2019 program are necessary to improve the play experience for all PPC members. The Executive must call a special membership meeting of all members to advise the members of their recommendation – 26 in favour, 48 against – MOTION defeated.

7. Election of new Executive and Directors

Executive (Elected by acclamation)
President – Graham Perrie
Vice-President – Dave Burgoyne
Secretary – Terri Draude
Treasurer – Don Jeffery

Directors-at-large (Elections held for three (3) positions by show of hands).
(1) Kim Coleman
(2) Janice Manders
(3) Don Milne

A MOTION was put forward by Rick Felker, seconded by Gary Gierlich to accept the newly elected 2020 PPC Board of Directors – all in favour – CARRIED.

The Chair expressed thanks to the outdoing Board members along with the many volunteers and coordinators who worked tirelessly in helping to create a great club – Kim Coleman, Janice Manders, Pat Meyer, Don Jeffery, Gary Gierlich, Terry Iceton, Gord MacKay, Dianne Hill, Debbie Wagar, Pat Lawrence, John & Wendy Wurflinger, Daryl Chadwell and Lopper (Ball Machine & instruction). Other volunteers from the last 4 years that had helped the club were asked to stand. 92% stood and were gratefully acknowledged.

8. Other business
Mark Tamblyn indicated he will re-negotiate the lease contract with the City to remove club liability when allowing an unused court for public use during designated club time.

9. Next General Meeting (tentative) will be April 21, 2020 @ 7:00 pm.
10. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.
Submitted by Angela Sielmann, Secretary
October 16, 2019


Thank you to our Court Host Coordinators

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A message from Mark Tamblyn, President, PPC:

Thank you to Linda and Daryl Chadwell & Wendy and John Wurflinger, our excellent Court Host Coordinators.  You did an excellent job of coordinating the Drop in sessions this year.

Thank you to all the Court Hosts for the time they put in to keep the AM sessions running so well.

It was impressive to see how many were parking  in the grass field. This must have taken a concerted effort by the hosts.

Well done!

Court Host Appreciation

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A gigantic thank you goes out to our awesome Court Host Volunteers!

Submitted by Daryl Chadwell:

Court Host Appreciation Day was held on Saturday 28 September to thank the Drop In Hosts for all the work they have done over the 2019 season.  Just 32 volunteer hosts not only cleaned and prepped the courts for the day, they also supervised approximately 2400 play visits over the course of the summer for the very popular drop-in program.

Fun awards were presented to Tony Orthodoxou for calling the ball out so many times, Terry Townes for banging the ball all the time and George Bellon for being the “Court Jester” of the year.

Outstanding volunteer performance awards were awarded to Dave Gillies (bronze), Lawrence Isaac (silver) and Carolyn King (gold).

Ladies 1.0 – 3.0 Final Fun Tournament

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A hardy bunch descended on the rainy courts for the last day of Ladies Beginner – 3.0.  Captain Kim Coleman held a fun tournament to highlight the skills learned during the past pickleball season. Claudette Brisson got an award for the most improved beginner of 2019!

Top 3 in the tournament were:
Gold- Suzanne Ammirati
Silver- Jackie Wewetzer
Bronze- Doreen Taberner

Year-end Newsletter

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A message from Mark Tamblyn, PPC President
September 25, 2019

This is a final informational update for this season.

The year has gone by quickly……

  • We finally got the site allocated for 4 more courts.
  • We had Gary’s great tournament (Cardiac Wellness) with $6,000 raised for the club.
  • 216 members kept the courts busy.

Pat Meyer is working with a committee to review and revise the programs for both 4 courts and 8 courts. This recommendation should be ready and presented at our PPC Annual General Meeting on October 15th at 7:00 pm at the Senior’s Drop In Center.

The construction plans for the 4 new courts will be presented at the AGM. We will need to discuss some fundraising options for these courts as the city is asking the club to contribute to the project.

Janice Manders is preparing some options involving a change in how we do the club ratings for the competitive players and will outline her plan at the meeting.

The following positions need to be filled on the 2020 Board:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Membership

Volunteers are also needed for different operational positions. The future of the club will be decided by YOU. It is easy to simply come out, play and expect someone else to step up and do the work. There are many positions that need to be filled for next year. If these positions do not get filled the club cannot operate.

At the meeting there will be a lot of information given that will need your input. These discussions will affect your play next year.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!

Mark Tamblyn, President PPC

Final Games of the 3.5+Tournament Ladies

Janice Manders Accomplishments

A great big thank you to all the ladies who attended the 3.5+ Tournaments Ladies group over the past three years! It has been my pleasure to mentor this group working on all aspects of tournament play. A big thank you to Kim Coleman this year for all your help! Remember ladies to focus, have patience and above all HAVE FUN!!!

Cabinet left open/Missing backpack

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From Kim Coleman………
Dear Members,
It has been brought to my attention that the cabinet has been left open a couple of times after evening programs. Could you please ensure that the last group playing in the evening will lock the storage cabinet at the pickleball courts. The cabinet must be locked before leaving. Thank you. A dark green backpack (contains a couple of paddles and balls) that was left on court #2 has gone missing. The name on the backpack reads Karen and Randy. If you have seen this backpack, please call Karen @ 250-486-4770 or contact her at Thank you.

From Kim Coleman

Congratulations Irene Lind

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Congratulations to PPC member Irene Lind who just earned 2 gold and 3 silver medals in the 55+ games in different swim competitions in an able bodied category. Irene has a full length prosthetic leg. That’s incredible!!! Congrats to her.

Submitted by Kim Coleman