Executive Meeting Highlights – May 15, 2019

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  • Mark Tamblyn met with the City of Penticton on May 12 to review the plans for the four (4) new pickleball courts and seating area. The revised plans should include 5 horseshoe pitches being left in place. Council will vote on the revised plan on or about June 15th.
  • Effective immediately the $75.00 membership fee is not impacted by the $5.00 drop in fee. The club will no longer apply first 3 free lesson drop in costs to new memberships.
  • Optional (this year) PPC name badges may become available for purchase through the PPC website store once Paypal is set up. Badges will only be ordered in batches of 50.
  • Program descriptions will be added to the PPC website for members to review.
  • New program sign up procedures:
    – you can only sign up four (4) weeks in advance for any program and Captains have the right to remove member bookings that do not follow this policy
    – members may register in only one (1) program (including Drop In) per day
    – members may play at one level rather than switch back and forth e.g. 3.5 or 4.0
  • Revised program schedule is available on the website and on the bulletin board at the courts.
  • The PPC will develop a master rating list for all club members that will be available on the website.
  • The PPC social event on June 9th is accepting registration online. Payment will be at the door (Bad Tattoo).
Congratulations Dave!!

Congratulations, Dave!

Leslie ManionAccomplishments

David Lopushinsky is back after 5 months in Arizona where he played in 7 tournaments and came away with an impressive 7 medals, mostly in the 4.0 category.

He won 1 Gold in Singles (at 3.5), 3 Silvers, and 3 Bronze. His last Bronze in the MS Charity event was at the 4.5 level. His partner was Art Bernhard from Wyoming.

Congratulations, Dave, on an impressive showing.


Scramolympics off to a medal-winning start!


The first Scramolympics was a tremendous success! 4 teams competed, trying to get serves, service returns, and drop shots to hit a target, and then challenged each other with travelling dink drills. The session was both a practice and a mixer, with members meeting others they may not otherwise get to know. A fun time was had by all!

Be sure to sign up for a future session!

Thanks to Kim

Karen BrinkhurstAccomplishments

Just wanted to hand the bouquet of flowers to Kim Coleman for such a wonderful coach and teacher. She made her first lesson so enjoyable, and made everyone feel great. Could not ask for a better teacher.

Executive Meeting

Executive Meeting Highlights – April 9, 2019

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Click Here for Highlights April 9 PDF


  • The new PPC website (www.pentictonpickleball.com) will go live on April 27, 2019. Member
    registration and sign up will be available online
  • The Club anticipates over $30,000 in the contingency fund by September. These will go toward
    the construction of new courts
  • Mark Tamblyn will meet with PMSS to discuss their needs in developing a junior/youth program
    with the PPC
  • The spring General Meeting will be held at the Seniors Center on April 24th @ 7:00 pm. Member
    registration will be available before the meeting
  • The PPC outdoor program will be reviewed and finalized at the April 24th meeting
  • A spring social event is planned for June 9th @ 4:00 pm at Bad Tatoo. Sheila Ducholke has a
    maximum of 70 tickets for sale.
  • Pat Meyer is organizing a sanctioned PPC pickleball tournament to be held on July 26, 27, 28. Volunteers are needed to run the tournament. More details available at the General Meeting
  • The PPC will be joining Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada as an affiliated club. All PPC members
    will automatically receive membership to both organizations
Spring General Meeting

Spring General Meeting

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Spring General Meeting 2019

Held on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2019 @ 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. A quorum was confirmed. There were 102 people present.

A MOTION was put forward by Janice Manders, seconded by Angela Sielmann to accept the amended Agenda as written – CARRIED.
In his opening remarks, Mark Tamblyn welcomed everyone to the General Meeting and introduced the 2019 PPC Board of Directors:
Vice-President Pat Meyer (sanctioned tournaments)
Secretary Angela Sielmann (grants, club records)
Treasurer Don Jeffery (accounting, fundraising)
Director 1 Sheila Ducholke (membership, social)
Director 2 Janice Manders (ratings)
Director 3 Kim Coleman (grants)

a. Update on construction of new outdoor pickleball courts
Len Robson, Public Works Manager and City of Penticton have been very supportive of our quest for additional courts. City council will vote on this issue June 18th. The district has also agreed to paint pickleball courts on the Princess Margaret Secondary school tennis courts. We can create six (6) courts using our portable nets. These pickleball courts will be available to the community when they are not used by the school.

b. Senior’s Center celebration (June 1st)
The club received a request to assist at the pickleball courts with the June 1st Seniors Center celebration. The public is invited. Parking will be restricted at the Seniors Center on June 1st. Please park in the school or church parking lots.

A MOTION was put forward by Angela Sielmann, seconded by Janice Manders to accept the Minutes of the October, 2018 AGM as distributed – CARRIED.

a. Club Insurance change.
Angela Sielmann provided a brief overview of the new insurance package available to the PPC by becoming an affiliated club with Pickleball BC. All members of the PPC will automatically become members of both Pickleball Canada and Pickleball BC. More information regarding this insurance package is available on the Pickleball Canada website.

Don Jeffery presented the Treasurer’s Report.
Petty Cash $ 116.45
TD Canada Trust
Restricted Funds $ 25,709.81
Chequing account 3,904.33
Gaming Grant 54.82
Total $ 29,785.41
A MOTION was put forward by Rick Felker, seconded by Kim Coleman to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written – CARRIED.


1. Program review
The PPC summer program was reviewed on screen. John Wurflinger presented 2018 attendance stats to illustrate that Wednesday drop-in proved to be the busiest program with an average of 36 players present during the session. Based on the stats and the opinions of many members, John felt the decision to cancel Wednesday drop in may not be a fair decision. Mark confirmed that drop is a very important session and agreed to run the new schedule on a trial basis for one (1) month after which he will revisit it for possible revision.

2. Scramolympics
Pat Meyer introduced a new and different program for the PPC called Scramolympics. Scramolympics will run Fridays and teams will have the opportunity to improve their skills. Two (2) ball machines will be available during this session. This program is great for beginners and players of all levels. Sign up will be on the PPC website and there is a 24 player limit.

3. Skill Development
Kim Coleman will manage the lessons (2 or 3) for beginners. Gord Barnes has volunteered to coordinate Youth
Development and the club will work with Gord to form a committee of coaches to develop a program. Skill clinics (3.5) will be held one (1) day per month (Wednesdays) if wanted. A white board showing who is available to Mentor players on that day will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. It will operate for 1 month to determine if there is interest.

4. Fun Tournament for all club players
Pat Meyer suggested the PPC run a “fun” tournament sometime in June (providing there are courts available). This could be a club social all-day event (all skill levels) with a possible lunch. There will be a nominal fee to enter the tournament. Pat surveyed the group to ascertain level of interest and almost 60% of those present were in favor of such a tournament. The cost would be about $20.00.

Pat is also researching the feasibility of creating/ joining league play with different clubs in the valley (possibly next year). Court time is the biggest issue.

5. Ratings update
Mark T. and Janice M. will continue to work on this system. Skill levels 3.0 -3.5 are self or club rated. Captains will be asked to monitor members during play to determine if the program is the right fit for every member. The objective is to ensure that all players have the opportunity to play with other members at their skill level. For information on self-rating, go to the PPC website for further information.

6. Web Page overview
Marilyn Tamblyn gave a brief overview of the new PPC website (www.pentictonpickleball.ca). The website is not yet live but will be available for registration soon.
Update (April 27): The website is now open for registration.

7. Membership
Sheila Ducholke confirmed that membership registration will be done online through the website using Paypal or credit card. Update (April 27): Paypal is not available at this time and a manual registration system was instituted instead. She did, however, accept manual registrations at the meeting. The issue of member identification has been raised and Janice Manders presented the option of badges (approx. 2” x 1.25”) with a metal clip. Pat Meyer presented the option of a silicone wrist band (more cost effective). Sheila suggested acquiring name tags for court hosts and captains only. The group was surveyed and the majority of those present favoured the metal clip name badges. The executive will review these options for future use.

8. Fundraising
Mark Tamblyn introduced the new PPC pledge form (attached to these Minutes) and encouraged members to pick up a form when they exit the meeting. He would like to collect $25,000 or $30,000 for the construction of the new courts. All donations will be issued a charitable tax receipt.


Spring Social
Sheila Ducholke reminded the group that the spring social will be held on June 9th at Bad Tattoo @ 4:00 pm. The ticket price is $30.00 p.p. and includes pizza and one drink. At the time of these Minutes the online Paypal option to purchase tickets is not available. Sheila will decide how ticket sales will be handled until PayPal is available.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Tournament
Gary Gierlich would like the PPC to participate in a Tournament later in summer (possibly September) to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke foundation. 50% of the proceeds would go to the hospital and 50% to the PPC.
Sanctioned tournament Pat Meyer informed the group of the PPC sanctioned (recognized by PB Canada) tournament to be held July 26, 27, 28. This tournament is an important fundraiser for the Club. Ladies will play on July 26, mixed partners on July 27, men will play July 28. The cost to enter is $60.00 and $10.00 per event (includes a brown bag lunch from the Senior’s Center). If you register you will be guaranteed to play 7 games. Registration is available on the PPC website starting May 3. Volunteer handouts were distributed at the meeting. Anyone who can volunteer for this tournament, please contact Pat Meyer.
Update (April 27): Registration is dependent on PayPal being available.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Submitted by Angela Sielmann, Secretary
April 27, 2019

Welcome to Penticton Pickleball

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Welcome to the Penticton Pickleball Club new website!

Join the Penticton Pickleball Club or renew your membership on-line!

Club programs start May 1 and run until September 30. See you there!


pickleclub18Recent News

Held Wednesday, October 10, 2018 @ 7 pm at
South Main Senior Centre, 2965 South Main Street, Penticton, B.C.

Call to order
Chairman Mark Tamblyn called the meeting to order at 7:05. 36 members were present and a quorum was confirmed.
A motion was put forward by Linda McCracken to accept the AGM minutes of October 11, 2017 and seconded by Joanne Sampson-carried.

President’s Report – Mark Tamblyn

  1. Thank-you:
    • Executive Dick Ducholke, Kim Coleman, Angela Sielmann, Janice Clary and Don Jeffery
    • Appointed positions: Debbie Wagar, Terry Iceton, Gary Gierlich, Linda McCracken, Terri Draude, Sheila Ducholke, John Wurflinger, Dave Lopushinsky, Rick Felker, Rob Taylor, Janice Manders, Marilyn Tamblyn, Cathy Heatlie, Joanne Sampson, Diane McLeod, Gail Jeffery, Janelle Nunn,
      Pat Lawrence, Mike Carter, and Rob Taylor.
    • Thank-you to our wonderful court hosts
  2. Update on new courts:
  • City of Penticton motion regarding new courts:  “Penticton City Council Motion 8.4 Pickleball Court Development 88-93 Staff Recommendation: That Council approve the development of 4 pickleball courts in 2015 on a portion of 2965 South Main Street and that council approve the future development of up to 4 additional courts (for a total of 8) adjacent to the courts noted above subject to a funding contribution from the Penticton Pickelball Association; and that council approve the allocation of the SILGA grant in the amount of $10,000 to be utilized to fund a portion of the development of pickleball courts; and further that staff continue to work with the Penticton Pickleball Association on funding partnerships for future Pickleball amenity development. *SILGA-Southern Interior Local Government Association”.
  • New Courts Contingency Fund – $26,000 as of 2018, add $5,000 for 2019 for a total of $31,000.  Goal to raise $40,000 in additional funds by tax deductible donations from members and corporations once the site if finalized
  • Fundraising committee with Chairpersons Don Jeffery and Kim Coleman will be looking for volunteers, Gary Gierlich and Don Milne have been added to the committee.
  • Todd White from the City Parks Department said the Robinson property has reached its allowable maximum density usage of 40% according to Zoning By-Law 2017-08 3.2.2. Mark showed a slide for the 5.0 acres site. This will have to be dealt with.
  • Members were asked to sign-up for small group workshops for the representatives of the different clubs and interested members of the community to address all of the needs of and opportunities for the site such as transportation. Access, Greenspace, Aesthetics as well as user Group Interests – October 24 from 2-4pm and Oct. 29 from 6-8 pm.
  • Input from the small group meeting will be analyzed and options will be put to the community and user groups to consider in a larger public event such as an open house.

3. Ratings process will be the same as 2018, 3.75 and up activities will require a rating. At the spring AGM we will discuss adding a club rating committee to supplement Brooke’s process.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Kim Coleman presented the Financial Report to the membership (copy on file) – moved to accept Dick Ducholke, seconded Terri Draude – carried unanimous.
  2. Presentation of the 2019 budget (copy on file), moved Dianne Hill, seconded Ernie Treichel – carried unanimous.
  3. Motion: That the membership fee for the Penticton Pickleball Club remain at $75.00 per member for the 2019 season, moved Rick Felker, seconded Kim Coleman – carried unanimous.

Election of new Executive and Directors

The following were elected by acclamation:

  • President:  Mark Tamblyn
  • Vice-President – Pat Meyer
  • Treasurer – Don Jeffery
  • Secretary – Angela Sielmann
  • Director 1 (ratings) – Janice Manders
  • Director 2 (membership) – Sheila Ducholke
  • Director 3 (TBA) – Kim Coleman

Motion to approve the slate of officers and directors, moved Fred Preston, seconded by Leslie Manion.

Program changes for 2019

  • See on the blog for suggested programs
  • Ladies Day and Men’s day will switch, Ladies on Thursday and Men on Tuesday
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday drop-in will be gold/silver paddle and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be regular paddle
  • Program will be finalized by 2019 executive

Other business

Captains were as follows:

  • Monday 4.0+ Shootout – Sheila Ducholke
  • Monday night 4.5 RR – Janice Manders
  • Monday 3.0-3.5 RR – Don Jeffery and Gail Jeffery
  • Tuesday Men’s Day – Terry Iceton
  • Tuesday 3.75 + RR –  Sheila Ducholke
  • Wednesday 3.5 RR – Joanne Sampson and Natalie Loewen
  • Wednesday Mixed Social Doubles – Janelle Nunn
  • Thursday Ladies Day – Kim Coleman
  • Friday 3.0 and 3.5 Shootout – TBA
  • Friday 3.5+ RR mixed – Rob TTaylor
  • Saturday 3.5+ Ladies Tournament – Janice Manders
  1. Website – Dianne Hill reported that online registration will be available for 2019 membership. The new website will try to replace sign-up Genius but it is not known at this time if it can. Dianne thanked Marilyn for the 3 years she ran the blog at no cost to the club. The blog will continue until we are sure the new website is covering our needs.
  2. Drop-in Centre wants volunteers, Wendy Wurflinger and Mike Carter volunteered.
  3. Penticton Sports Committee wants representatives, deadline is October 31, John Wurflinger volunteered.
  4. Sanctioned tournament – Pat Meyer reported that he is working on a tournament for July, date TBA. He estimates the tournament could raise $10,000 to be held on our outdoor courts. Volunteers will be requested April, 2019.
  5. Facebook – Janice Manders will start a site for our club and see how it goes, could be used to make connections for buy/sell, arrange games etc. If possible, it will be coordinated with Diane H. and the website.
  6. Fundraiser- Dick Ducholke- suggested life time memberships be considered for 12 to 13 years as a way to raise funds for new courts. This will be addressed and discussed at the spring AGM.
  7. Gary Gierlich- discussed hosting a Heart & Stroke Foundation Tournament in conjunction with Pat’s tour.Funds would be split 50/50 between the club and the Heart Foundation. Health professionals and former heart patients will be invited to attend.


  1. Next General Meeting will be April 24, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
  2. Spring Social June 16, 2019 @ Bad Tattoo Tank Room
  3. Pat Meyers won the free membership raffle for 2019

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.