Booking Rules and Procedures

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As at April 28, 2023:



It is each member’s responsibility to know and abide by the following booking rules/procedures.

  1. You may only play once per day during Club time. (“Club time” means ALL events, sessions, reserved courts, drop-in etc.) If you wish to play twice in a day, public time is your option.
  2. You may only play at one “level” each week. Example: If you sign up for the Monday “3.5 -3.9 event” you can only sign up for “3.5-3.9” events that week. (You may not sign up for 3.0 or 4.0 events that week.)
  3. You may only play in 3 “events” per week. (Events are every session except Drop-in and Reserved Courts.)
  4. If you can’t attend a previously made reservation you must cancel more than 12 hours before the start of your session – this gives sufficient time for someone from the waitlist to be added in your place and notify the Court Host. “No shows” for events are extremely frustrating for Court Hosts. Not only could a waitlisted member have taken your place, the CH has to re-organize the session at the last minute.
  5. If a Reserved Court has not been claimed after 10 minutes of the scheduled time, it is open to other members or the public (i.e. a 12:00 noon booking that is not claimed by 12:11 PM is open to other members or the public).
  6. Non-member/Guests must abide by the PPC guest policy/procedures. The person who books the Reserved Court is considered to be “Court Host” for their court and is responsible for ensuring Club rules/procedures are followed. They are also responsible for any non-member/guests completing a waiver (if one is not already on file), collecting the $10.00 drop-in fee and placing it in the locked cash box in the cabinet.

Those who do not follow these procedures may receive a warning email, a second time may result in the Club removing you from your bookings that day. Continued ignoring of the rules will lead to the suspension of booking privileges.

On behalf of your executive,

Dave Burgoyne

President, PPC

Referee Clinic

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Rick Folk, the Head Referee for Pickleball BC, has kindly offered to run a no-cost pickleball referee clinic at the Penticton courts on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 from 8am til noonish.

Rick is a Certified Referee and is committed to increasing the number of trained referees and referee opportunities in BC. There will be several pickleball tournaments looking for referees throughout the Okanagon Valley this summer.

If you are interested in learning how to referee, please contact Dianne Hill by May 10, 2023.

Membership Capped

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PPC Members

Due to record number of registrations this year, your executive has made the difficult decision to CAP our membership as of Monday, April 24. We have 369 members currently registered – a 20% increase from last year. Registration is now closed. This decision was made as a result of the feedback received at the October 2022 AGM.

In hopes of giving all members the opportunity to play a couple of times per week during Club time, the following changes will be made:

  1. “Event” limits will be increased to 6 per court. For example if an “event” is scheduled on 6 courts the maximum number will be increased from 29 to 35 (one spot is held for the Court Host.)
  2. Members will be restricted to signing up for a maximum of 3 “events” per week. “Events” are all those sessions during Club time with the exception of “Drop-in” and “Reserved Courts.”
  3. The executive will monitor the number of “guests” playing during Club time and will consider restricting guests should that be necessary in the future.

A separate email will be sent in the next few days reviewing all booking rules.

On behalf of your executive,

Dave Burgoyne

President, PPC

2022 Ladies Practice Day

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Ladies Practice Day closed out the season with a fun and memorable event.

First, the ladies chipped in to thank Kim Coleman for her amazing mentorship throughout the 2022 PPC season. Kim has come prepared each and every week with new drills and pickleball advice for us all. Kim is truly one of the brightest gems of the Penticton Pickleball Club!

Kim thanking the ladies

Kim Coleman

The ladies played a round robin tournament to practise the skills they’ve learned throughout the year.

3.0 Tournament winners were Bev Boden (gold), Margaret Dragovan (silver), Cornelia Cathelin-Castle (bronze)

On the 3.5 podium were Jan White (gold), Gail Jeffery (silver), Linda Chadwell (bronze)

Kim brought beautiful pickleball wreaths as a prize for each skill level. The wreaths were crafted by Kim Coleman and Karen Heinrichs. Players drew cards to decide who the lucky winners were!

Stephanie Biagioni draws what she hopes is the lucky card

3.0 wreath winner Loreen Martin

3.5 wreath winner Carol Hermesh

Oct 18, 2022 Annual General Meeting

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The Penticton Pickleball Club will hold its 2022 Annual General Meeting October 18, 2022 at 7:00pm at the Penticton Golf and Country Club.

Agenda items include, among other club business, election of Officers and Directors and proposed By-Law changes.

See you there!