New Windsock!

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The PPC would like to extend a special thank you to Irene Henderson for the new wind sock at the pickleball courts. Also thanks to Brian for assisting with the removal of the old wind sock and the installation of the new one. It is so much appreciated!


Update: Donations & New Court Construction

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PPC Members,

Congratulations to all PPC members and donors who contributed to our fundraising goal of $10,000. The Executive is very pleased to inform you we have surpassed that goal! Thanks to the generous donors, as of today, we have collected a total of $12,250!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! We look forward to having a celebration once the project is completed and COVID restrictions are eased to allow for gatherings, hopefully this fall.

Moving forward, donations will always continue to be appreciated, however, we will not have an ongoing arrangement with the City of Penticton to issue tax receipts. Once the courts are completed, we will be looking to add enhancements (windscreens, seating, etc.), and are hopeful we can again enter into a similar arrangement to provide tax receipts for donations.

More EXCELLENT NEWS…………. The City of Penticton is planning to begin construction on our new courts on Monday, June 22. Fencing was set up around the construction area this morning.

Unfortunately, the construction may, at times, impact our use of Courts 1 and 4 (the east courts) during parts of the construction process. We will make adjustments to our scheduling arrangements as soon as we become aware of those needs and will do our best to advise you accordingly with the least disruption as possible.

For the duration of this project it is very important for everyone to be aware of the need to be respectful of construction signage and aware of construction traffic in the area.

Also, as of this afternoon, our metal storage cabinet will be emptied in preparation for its move over to the area of the horseshoe pitches. Court hosts, who need access to the cabinet, will be provided further details within the next few days.

Graham Perrie
PPC President

Club Time and Public Time – The Difference!

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The Club (PPC) has had numerous inquiries from, and discussions with, members and non-members about the difference between current rules governing PPC and Public times.  It is not unexpected that some members and the playing public feel that there should be the same rules applied during PPC and Public hours.  Why are the rules different?

The PPC approached the City Recreation Department in early May with a proposal regarding the opening of the courts, including an initial stage that considered opening the courts to the Club prior to opening for public use.  At the same time the City was already considering opening the courts for restricted public use (which was equivalent to our original Stage 1 proposal).  The City Emergency Operations Committee reviewed our proposal and was impressed with the mitigation plan we had put forth.  As a result, the PPC was approved to play at what we referred to as “Stage 2,” but the city’s rules for public play basically mirrored our Stage 1 – singles/household doubles only.

The guidelines/expectations that we put in the proposal were extensive:

  1. Reserved court bookings only.
  2. No Drop-Ins.
  3. 15 minutes between bookings.
  4. Must maintain same group all week long.
  5. Can’t play in more than one group in a week.
  6. Court Hosts present for all time slots.
  7. Court host duties
  8. Disinfect entrance gates prior to players entering
  9. Only host accesses storage locker
  10. Verify players signed up are ones playing
  11. Review rules/guidelines with each group at first session
  12. Remind players to leave facility within 5 minutes of end time
  13. Contact Program Director of any issues
  14. Players not to arrive more than 5 minutes before scheduled time.
  15. List of expectations/guidelines emailed to all players, and posted on website.
  16. Players to consider wearing glove on non-paddle hand.
  17. Use foot/paddle to direct balls to others.
  18. Change sides on the right side of post/court.
  19. No hand shaking/paddle tapping.

It was our commitment to the City that members would abide by these guidelines/expectations that allowed the PPC to operate in a different and less restrictive environment than during public time.

Please note that if you also play during public time the PPC Stage 2 rules do not apply and the Club asks that you abide by the City rules.  Should PPC members not abide by the City rules when they play during public hours, it not only places the club in jeopardy of not relaxing the restrictions in the coming weeks, but could potentially have us revert to Stage 1 play.

Thank you,

PPC Executive

New Court Donations

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Dear Penticton Pickleball members:

The Executive of the Penticton Pickleball Club thank you for renewing your annual dues in such a timely manner and for everything you do to support our Club.  It is good to be back playing again.

As you are aware, last year, the City of Penticton approved the construction of four additional pickleball courts.  Unfortunately, the City’s financial situation has changed due to the impacts of COVID-19.  As such, the City has advised the Penticton Pickleball Club (PPC), they are no longer able to financially support the construction of four courts as per our original plans.

However, due to the hard work of the PPC Executive, an agreement has been made with the City for the construction of two courts to the east of the existing ones.  For this to happen, PPC is required to contribute $50,000 towards construction.  The City has agreed to contribute up to an additional $25,000 to complete the construction of the courts.  The Club currently has $40,000 designated from its budget for new courts.  In order to reach our goal of $50,000, we’ll need to raise an additional $10,000.  It should be noted, the $50,000 is dedicated to construction costs only and does not cover ancillary items such as wind/noise screening, bleachers, shade structures, etc.

The PPC Executive believe it is in the Club’s best interest to move forward with the construction of the two additional courts as soon as possible.  The most expedient process to raise the monies required is through donations.  As such, we are asking for your support, through a donation towards our goal of raising the additional funds needed, for the construction of the two new ‘COVID Courts’.

There are no minimum or maximum amounts that you can donate.  Please donate what you feel you can afford.  Donations can be made in cash or by cheque made out to “Penticton Pickleball Club”.

With support of the City of Penticton, members can get a tax receipt for their donation.  Donors who wish to get a tax receipt, will need to provide their name, complete mailing address and the amount of the donation (minimum donation for tax receipt is $20.00).

Many of you may already be aware of the income tax benefits of making charitable donations, but for those of you who are not, here is a brief summary.  As a general rule, the first $200.00 of donations earns a 20% credit and any donations in excess of $200.00 receives approximately a 50% tax credit (e.g. a $200.00 donation would earn a $40.00 credit; a $500.00 donation would earn a $190.00 credit; a $1,000.00 donation would earn a $440.00 credit).

Please put your donation, along with the necessary information in an envelope and either:

  • Give the envelope directly to a member of the Executive; or
  • Mail your donation to:  Penticton Pickleball Club

159 Stocks Crescent

Penticton, B.C.

V2A 8P6

The Penticton Pickleball Club Executive thank you for your continued support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Don Milne at (403) 283-9144 or via email at


Graham Perrie

President, Penticton Pickleball Club