Referee Clinic – Friday, Aug 20 noon-2pm

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Ever wanted to learn how to referee a pickleball match?

Planning on entering a tournament and want to know what it’s like to have your match officiated?

Here’s your chance! Sign up via the Program Schedule page for the Referee Clinic (Friday, August 20 from noon to 2pm). Read the 2021 Rulebook prior to attending.

Those interested in attaining a Trained Referee Level 1 rating can request an assessment.

Princeton Tournament – Sept 10-12, 2021

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Princeton Pickleball Tournament Invitation

PPA – Waiver 2021

PPA – Registration-Form

Princeton Pickleball Association would like to invite you and your members to our first annual Princeton Paddle Battle Pickleball Tournament.

Dates: September 10 to 12, 2021 – Registration Deadline: August 20, 2021
Location: Riverside Community Centre & Memorial Park, Princeton BC
Contact: Russ Pederson (250) 295-5379 or Terri Ortwein (250) 295-3341

Payment: via e-transfer to:

Register Here

If you would like to register via printed form, please fill out the attached forms and send back to

Please feel free to forward this email to members of your association/club.

Princeton Pickleball Association

A Message from our President

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Wow! COVID, intense heat and other factors thrown in, who would have guessed we would be where we are at today!!!
I guess some of you figure that we have been quiet behind the scenes but that’s anything but further from the truth.
Your Executive has been busier than ever trying to make things work with all of the restrictions; making sure all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed.
Well, we made it this far and things look better every day.
The Executive is always quick to listen and takes all your comments into consideration when making decisions that effect us all and, while we can’t do everything, we do try hard to keep a healthy balance.
You are lucky to have a well balanced Executive and we welcome your suggestions and especially suggestions on what we could improve.
I’m proud to be a part of this group and thank them for their efforts and passion.
I also would like to thank Deb Wagar, Bob Beatty and Mark Hammerquist for stepping up and helping out with a number of projects. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all.

Graham Perrie

Administrative Update

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Hi Members,

Now that the pickleball season is well underway, here are a few items to bring to everyone’s attention:

1) Lost and Found – There are a number of lost/forgotten items that have been accumulating in the metal storage cabinet at the courts. See the photos attached to the email. You may see something you forgot you owned! If you do, please speak to the attending Captain the next time you are at the courts to reclaim your item(s). Any items remaining after two weeks will be donated to charity. The Executive plans to relocate future lost and found items to a dedicated box which will be placed inside the viewing area of the new courts.

2) Partner Search – During the recent ‘PPC Programming Survey‘ some members indicated they could not participate in activities that required a partner as they did not know other members or members who may also be interested. As a result, the Executive decided to set up an informal list of members who would be interested in pairing up with another member for ‘team’ events, such as King’s Court and Mixed Social Doubles.

If you are interested, please reply to this email with your: (1) name, (2) the event(s) you are interested in participating, (3) your playing level and (4) contact information. As enquiries are received, a compiled list will be provided so members can contact potential partners and make their own arrangements.

3) Parking – Everyone is asked to make a point of remembering to park in the overflow (grass) area at the courts.

4) PPC Website – A new firewall has been installed on our website. While it is doing a great job of keeping out bad actors, it is less forgiving for members who enter an incorrect user name or password. If you see such a message, first check your user name closely. Common errors include spaces where there should be none, commas instead of periods, and simple typos. If you are blocked from the site, send an email to our website administrator, Dianne Hill at

The Executive hopes all members are having a great start to the season!

The schedule will be monitored over the next while and adjustments will be made as membership numbers, attendance levels and other circumstances warrant.

Looking forward to seeing you at the courts!

The PPC Executive

PPC Restart Plan

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PPC restart plan

Hi PPC Members,

As promised during Tuesday’s ‘Good News’ email, the Executive would like to share this 3-step plan for the restart of scheduled pickleball for members.

Doubles Play COVID Adjustments:

1.  Captains will continue to disinfect contact points: gates, net posts and chairs.
2.  Captains will continue to collect attendance of all Club members playing during their session.
3. The 2m distancing while playing is no longer in effect, however, when not playing please maintain physical distancing.
4. When groups reserve a court to play, the 5th and 6th player in the group may sit at court side.

The PPC has a 3-Step Plan to Return to Full Programming

Step 1 – For Play on May 28 and 29 ONLY

1.  The existing online sign-up sessions remain.  You may sign up for a session, or just show up and play, as we can accommodate up to 30 players per session playing doubles.

2. As doubles play is permitted, we suggest that Captains:

a. use the “paddle rack” system for those that wish to mix with others
b. those wanting to play only with their small group can do so by placing the group’s paddles in the rack, but taking your turn (as a group) with the other players 
(applies to Step 1 only)

Step 2 – Format for Play Monday, May 31 to Saturday, June 12, Inclusive

The purpose of the 2nd step is to monitor court usage and allow sufficient time to prepare and implement Step 3.  In addition, we anticipate more members joining the Club now that doubles has resumed.

1.  All sessions will be designated All Levels – sign up for the session times that work for you.  If you are concerned about the level of other players, try to sign up with other members that you know are at your level.

2.  Courts #5 and #6 will be available (except during Social Doubles sessions) for reservations for a group of 4, 5 or 6 to play together for the entire session.  (Only one player books the court online.)

3.  It is suggested that Captains:

a.  use the paddle rack system, or run a round robin or King’s Court format
b.  all players attending the session will participate in the chosen format
c.  those who do not wish to “mix up” with others should book a “reserved court” during that time 
(applies to Step 2 only)
d.  the public is permitted to use any vacant courts during Club time

Step 3 – Format for Play Beginning Monday, June 14 (more information to follow shortly)

We plan to offer a full program including:

a. level play
b. men’s/ladies’ days
c. social mixed doubles
d. tournament men’s/ladies’
e. drop-in
f. reserved courts
g. beginner lessons
h. skills and drills

The Executive is excited to be 
able to, once again, plan for a regular pickleball season and look forward to seeing all of you at the courts. We are also hopeful a number of former members who have not been able to participate during the last season feel comfortable taking this opportunity to sign up as soon as possible.


The PPC Executive


Return to Play News!

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Hello PPC Members,

As you may have heard in today’s news, it appears that all outdoor team sports may resume. This means that we should be able to play doubles pickleball with no cohort restrictions.

We have a meeting Wednesday afternoon with the Director of Parks to clarify today’s announcement, followed by an Executive Meeting Thursday morning to discuss programming options.

We will also attempt to confirm with Pickleball BC that doubles may resume. You can expect an email update on Thursday evening regarding our plans moving forward.

For the next two days, please continue with our current Singles and Household Doubles program.

The PPC Executive