President’s Message – Sept 4, 2020

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Hello Members,

We hope everyone is having a great summer! Let’s hope this incredible weather holds out so we can play pickleball to the end of our extended season (October 17).

In the meantime, a few updates that need to be passed along……

  1. New Courts/Fundraiser– A big thank you to everyone involved in getting the new courts constructed and ready for use. Also, many thanks to all the generous donors who contributed to our very successful fundraiser which helped to make this possible. Without you, we would not have the new courts! I think everyone is very excited about the new courts and the Executive is looking forward to receiving feedback on them once we get a few finishing details dealt with.
  2. Parking– As in previous years, we need to be mindful of where we are parking. Please DO NOT park in the handicapped stalls – if you are playing pickleball, chances are you do not qualify for a pass to legitimize parking there! Also, word has it that the Drop-In Centre will be opening soon. When this happens, it would be appreciated if PPC members parked in the grassy area, or on weekends, in the church parking lot or the school parking lot.
  3. PPC Equipment– Please remember the use of club supplies (paddle rack, paddles, etc.) is NOT AUTHORIZED during public play times. It would be unfortunate if we had to change the combination to the cabinet to prevent this from happening.
  4. Public Play and City COVID Rules– It is very disappointing to see so many pickleball players on the courts during public time who are not complying with the City of Penticton COVID-19 Regulations, specifically, limiting play to singles and household doubles only. As you know, the PPC was extremely fortunate to have been given authorization by the City to play in organized groups. This would not have been possible without the enhanced protocols and controls that are in place during club time. It would be extremely disappointing if the PPC lost those privileges due to violations of regulations/requirements. So, please respect the rules when playing and be careful and safe!
  5. PPC 2020 AGM– Thanks to those of you who responded to the email. Out of the 30% of the PPC members who responded, all but 9 members preferred postponing the AGM to sometime in the spring. The date and other details will be announced at a later date.
  6. Update from Dave Burgoyne, Program Director– Please see previous post.

Graham Perrie
PPC President


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