Penticton Pickleball Club (PPC) PROCEDURES  

  1. PPC Club times and public play times are listed on a schedule posted at the courts as well as on the PPC website.
  2. Unused Courts: Any courts not being used by PPC during program, drop-in, or reserved court time slots are available for public play..
  3. Fees: Annual or drop-in fees must be paid to PPC before participating in club programs. A waiver must also be signed by the participant.
  4. Sign in on the Attendance Sheet (if applicable) before going on the courts to play.
  5. Starting Serve: The team on the big fence side of the court serves first.
  6. Guests: Non-members / Guests must have a signed waiver on file and pay a $10 fee per session.
  7. No alcoholic beverages or cannabis are permitted on the courts.
  8. Glass: Non-glass water bottles may be on the courts.
  9. Equipment (bags/backpacks) are not permitted on the courts. Bags may be hung on the fence so they do not obstruct the view of spectators.
  10. Balls: PPC provides pickleballs for play during programs and drop-in sessions. Any cracked balls should be placed in the "Cracked Balls" bag at the courts. Captains and Court Hosts are responsible for retrieving club balls after their session concludes. If the cabinet is locked, return club balls through the hole in the back of the cabinet. 
  11. Lost and Found articles will be held for a limited time. Articles not claimed within a reasonable time will be donated to a local charity. 
  12. Programmed Sessions: 
    • Only PPC members may participate in programmed sessions unless there is room for a non-member/guest to be included and that individual is of an appropriate skill level for that session. Non-members/guests must pay the drop-in fee and have a signed waiver on file.
    • Programs have a capacity limit.
    • Any courts not being used by members are available for public play.
    • Only members who are club or tournament rated may sign up for 4.0 & 4.5 'TPR' sessions.
  13. Drop-In Sessions:
    • Signing up on-line is not required for Drop-In. 
    • There is no limit to the number of players during Drop-In sessions.
    • Non-members/Guests are welcome and may participate in Drop-In sessions once they have paid the Drop-In fee and signed a waiver.
  14. Reserved Court Sessions:
    • Anyone booking a Reserved Court must be a Club member.
    • Members may book one court per day.
    • The PPC member who makes the Reserved Court booking is the 'Court Host' for that court/session.
    • Non-members/Guests may be included on a member's Reserved Court booking during the reservation process by adding the player's name in the 'Guest' section of Court Reserve and collecting the $10 fee and a signed waiver. The Court Host takes responsibility for explaining and enforcing the Club rules and procedures to any guests. 
    • If a court has not been claimed after ten minutes of the scheduled time, it becomes open to other members or the public (.e.g. a 10:00am booking not claimed by 10:11am is open to other players).
  15. Safety:
    • Wet Courts: Never play on a wet court. It is extremely dangerous. One way to check a damp court surface is to press your toe down firmly and make a twisting motion. If you leave an obvious “wet” spot, it’s too wet to play.
    • Safety Glasses: The use of proper eye protection is not mandatory but is recommended.
    • Injuries: If an injury is suffered during a Club session, the Captain or Court Host is responsible for completing an Incident Report Form. These forms are kept on file for insurance purposes. Notify the Secretary of the incident. Email:
  16. Player skill levels Members are expected to consider their skill level when signing up for programs.  Rating descriptions can be found on the PPC website.

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Penticton Pickleball Club (PPC) WEATHER PROCEDURES  

  1. Use your best judgement - if it is raining continuously you do not need to turn up at the courts.
  2. If it has rained but doesn’t look like it will rain again, it is your decision to go to the courts and
    use your best judgement on whether it is worth using the squeegees, blower, etc. to dry off the
  3. If it starts raining after you have arrived at the courts and it looks like it will continue to rain,
    lock the cabinet and the washroom before leaving.
  4. If you do not know if you should stay or leave, it is better to err on the side of caution and cancel
    the session by informing members present that the session is “officially cancelled”. Those
    members that wish to continue playing are then doing so as “public.”
    Safety: Never play on a wet court. It is extremely dangerous.

Download Weather Procedures PDF

Penticton Pickleball Club (PPC) DROP-IN PROCEDURES  

General Information:

  • Drop-In is open to all players of all skill levels. Beginners (those who have never played previously)
    must take lessons prior to playing Drop-In.
  • There must always be a Court Host on duty during Drop-In.
  • The first side scoring 11 points and leading by at least a 2 point margin wins. During busy times
    when there are 4 or more sets of paddles waiting to play, the Court Host may announce that the
    games will end at 9 points instead of 11.
  • To promote fair play, the paddle rack system may be used to determine the playing order. There
    is no limit on the number of players at Drop-In.
  • If a court is not being used, the court is available for the public to play on their own.

To Play:

  • Members sign the Drop-In Attendance Sheet and then place their paddles in the rack for the next
    available court.
  • Non-members/Guests must obtain a Guest Waiver from the Court Host to sign, pay the $10.00
    fee, sign the Attendance Sheet and then place their paddles in the rack for the next available

How to Use the Paddle Rack System:

Single Rack System

  • If there are paddles on the rack, players who just finished their game must exit the court so that
    the waiting players can move to the vacated court.
  • A stack of paddles is complete when there are 4 paddles in the stack. You can add your paddle to
    any stack that does not already have 4 paddles. If all the paddles are in sets of 4, start a new set
    by putting your paddle beside the last stack.
  • As a court becomes available, the players with the set of paddles on the side closest to the gate
    take their paddles and access the court. All other paddles are shuffled up one bracket to make
    more space. The paddles must remain in the same order when they are moved, even if there are
    less than 4 paddles.
  • As a courtesy to players already on the courts, players are asked to walk around the fence when
    accessing the 2 west courts.
  • If your paddle is in a 3-paddle, or fewer, stack and it is your turn for the next court, yell out the
    number of players needed to fill the court (i.e. ‘need one/two more’, etc.). They may come from
    anywhere, even if they do not have a paddle on the rack or they have just come off the court.
  • When you leave the court, the group can put their paddles back up in the same stack or they can
    mix them up by placing their paddles in different brackets that don’t already have a full set of

Gold/Silver Rack System

  • Two paddle racks are used – Gold (winners) and Silver (runners up). There is also an indicator
    board to advise players which rack they should be placing their paddles in and which group goes
    out to play next.
  • After the first players complete their game, they place their paddles in the relevant rack – Gold
    (winners) or Silver (runners up). When 4 paddles are in a rack, a new foursome goes out to play,
    as a group. The players from the previous game split up, Gold or Silver, as appropriate.
  • The group that goes out (Gold or Silver) flips the indicator pointer to the next group (Gold or Silver)
    of 4 to go out. This happens each time a group of 4 goes out to play, alternating between Gold
    and Silver. New players arriving after Drop-In has started may place their paddles on either side
    to make a foursome.
  • The paddle system is intended to provide a better mixing of players while still giving an
    opportunity for lower level players to play with higher level players.

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