PPC Membership Waiver


  1. I authorize the Penticton Pickleball Club (PPC) to use my contact information for advising me of club activities. I also give permission for PPC to use or distribute any record of the events which may include my voice or image. My personal information will only be used by PPC and not be provided to other organizations.
  2. I agree to have my contact information made available only to PPC members on the PPC website. This includes my name and email address.  My phone number will show on the roster only if I choose to supply it during the registration process. 
  3. I recognize and understand that there are certain inherent risks to which I will be exposed because of the nature and level of the sports activity in which I have agreed to participate. As evidenced by my signature, I hereby, for my heirs, administrators and assigns, release, waive and hold harmless PCC, its directors, agents, coaches, instructors and other members of the association, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers and, if applicable, owners and leaser of premises used to conduct the event, from any manner of claims or lawsuits that may result from my participation in this sport.
  4. I agree to play under the guidelines and rules of the International Federation of Pickleball. I also agree to play under the Player's Code of Conduct as laid out by PPC. As a member of the PPC, I agree to conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner, both on the courts and when observing others playing while awaiting my turn.

All members are reminded the goal is to provide an environment where all players can play the game to the best of their ability and most importantly, "have fun" while doing so.

Regular scheduled PPC court play is open to players 16 years and older.

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