Vernon tournament needs Referees August 23 – 25

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Hello fellow pickleball club members in the Okanagan region.

Vernon (VPA) looks forward to hosting pickleball players from your communities for our upcoming sanctioned tournament Aug 23- 25th. We are asking for your help to invite any members who are interested to referee or act as line judges for this tournament. Would you mind sending out this invite to your membership for us?

Referee shifts will be 2.5 hours throughout the weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Shift Label
Time Slots (are the same for each day)
A: 8 am to 10:30 am (check in at referee desk at 7:45 am)
B: 10:30 am to 1 pm (check in at referee desk at 10:15 am)
C: 1 pm – 3:30 pm (check in at referee desk at 12:45 pm)
D: 3:30 pm to 6 pm (check in at referee desk at 3:15 pm)

Shift options are the same for Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedules
Referees will be paid $5.00 per match (exception VPA members will not be paid as these funds are being raised for our dedicated courts)
If anyone is interested or has questions please contact: Suzanne Bell, Head Referee VPA at
If you are interested, I just need to know:
What day or days can you referee?
Which shift or shifts can you referee? (split shifts are welcome too i.e shift A and shift D)
Have you refereed before?

Thank you everyone! Have a fabulous pickling summer

Suzanne Bell
Vernon Pickleball Association (VPA)
Cell: 604-219-1773

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