Thank You Volunteers!

Our club runs with volunteer help.  Please share your expertise with us.

Job descriptions can be obtained in pdf form by clicking on the positions below.

2021 Executive

President: Graham Perrie
Vice President: Dave Burgoyne
Treasurer: Don Jeffery
Secretary: Terri Draude

Director 1: Don Milne
Director 2: Dianne Hill
Director 3: Deborah O'Mara

Appointed positions

Committee Chairs (report to President)

  1. Membership: Deb Wagar
  2. Operations: Bob Beatty & Mark Hammerquist 
  3. New Court Construction: Graham Perrie
  4. Fundraising: Don Milne
  5. Programming: Dave Burgoyne
    1. Website:  Dianne Hill & Deb Wagar
    2. Data Analysis:  TBA
    3. Court Hosts: Deb O'Mara
    4. Skill development: TBA
      • Beginner lessons: TBA
      • Youth Development - Gord Barnes
    5. Social: TBA
    6. Sanctioned PB Tournaments: TBA
    7. Referees: Dianne Hill
    8. Ratings: TBA
    9. Pickleball Machine: Gord Barnes
    10. 2021 Activities: (captain's duties)
      1. Planned start date June 14, 2021
      2. Household Doubles (open play)